Tyler Lynn's Halloween: 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors domination e

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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:15 min
rear naked chokes returns. Halloween is good for surprises. Steph is shocked by the straight headscissor power of Tyler Lynn. The blonde stunner is already one of the greats, including former Steph tormentors Andi Page and Maddie. There is no waiting five years for the headscissor hall of fame, you just get in if youre as good and beautiful and mean and strong as Tyler Lynn -- whose quads explode here around the neck of the tough woman. Steph pries hard at Tylers ankles trying to free herself as she always does. It delights Tyler, whose chucks are locked tight out in the air and clearly impossible to separate -- the canvas of the shoes pressing audibly against one another. She is an athlete and loves competition almost as much as hurting people. Her smile at Stephs pain steals air from the room. Making her tap, Tyler puts her feet up on the back of the sub on her knees before her. Then -- incredibly -- Tyler puts the woman on the floor and sits on her face -- humiliating and frightening her. Stephs face emerges and she gasps, pulling in a desperate breath of air as her young master allows it. An eye-popping reverse figure-four headscissors -- Steph struggles hard as Tylers ass squeezes and drains her energy. The hot girl calls Steph pathetic for kicking her legs. Tyler mocks the helpless kicking as Steph is laboring in Tylers first straight reverse headscissors, Steph accidently showing the easy muscle in the cheerleaders...