Lucie, Katka and their sweaty socks 4K Version VR360 shrinking fetish vr

Lucie, Katka and their sweaty socks 4K Version VR360 shrinking fetish vrLucie, Katka and their sweaty socks 4K Version VR360 shrinking fetish vrTo find more videos from
Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:28 minutes
- are shrunk inside an acrylic cage. Surrounded by doll furniture, you are very aware that you only exist as the womens toy. The majority of the floor you stand on is composed of a giant dirty sock, its smell is overwhelming and unavoidable only interrupted by the occasional waft of fresh air through the air holes above. Lucie and her friend Katka enter the room smacking their sneakers on the hardwood floor just outside your cage. Lucie drags your entire world around using her massive pink sneakers, while Katka playfully stomps on the hardwood either of them could end your entire existence with even a gentle step, and their actions show theyd never let you forget it. The girls press their shoes onto the roof of your enclosure, releasing girlish giggles - clearly amused at your helplessness. Every movement of your cage is jolting, with more ferocity than any earthquake youve ever experienced. Katka has decided its time for you to play and you have no choice she lifts the roof from your enclosure, grabbing you. The two girls taunt your situation.Do you like smelly socks? They literally toss you into the bed you twirl helplessly through the air, reaching for handholds that couldnt possibly exist, before smacking into the vast fabric landscape. You feel faint your heart pounds with terror - and just before you black out, you notice the ironic word on the beds comforter:little. You wake up at the base of their bed, with the two girls socked feet in your face. Lucie wears salmon-pink coloured socks while Katka wears grey. Both are dirty, and seem to have light stains on the bottom of them. You thought the smell in your cage was overwhelming but now it saturates every pore of your minuscule being. One by one, they remove their socks, throwing them beside you laughing with all the enthusiasm of girls at a sleepover....