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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:13 min
and shred and your scared breathing heavy as you get taller, the backs of your heals pop out the back of your sneakers and the front of your toe box of your shoes Heavy breathing as your breasts grow bigger and destroy your tank top right before your eyes. Your leggings shred more as your ass destroys them! Soon you are down to just your long socks and your underwear, Your breathing is heavy begging for this to stop. Your bra shoulder straps get tight again as well as your back strap, They pop off one at a time and then you moan in displeasure no as your panties ride up your giant ass and give you a painful wedgie riding up your crotch and soon it shreds off and you are left in just your socks. Thinking its all over during a short pause, you feel your feet getting tighter and tighter *still not shredded yet* Eventually you fall do to your hands and knees as you loose balance being too tall. I want a shot of your whole back side where your ass and (sock feet souls) are in view your panting shutting your eyes and grunting as your feet start to rip and shred the socks.. camera points to your sock...