Dalvina – You're My Tiny Slave Now – HD 1080p MP4 – Bratty Foot Girls trampling humiliation

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Studio:Bratty Foot Girls
Length:10 min
expose my hard penis. you start a jerk me off with your giant fingers. You repeatedly make comments about how tiny it is in your fingers, how helpless I am, and how beautiful your nail polish looks. You lay me down (view switches to POV of doll laying down looking towards penis). You keep teasing my shrunken cock and then you start telling me about what you’re gonna do to me with your giant feet. You tell me I’m gonna have to lick your soles, polish your toenails and anytime you want you will use you feet on me. You hold me down and tell me you love feeling me try to escape it only turns you on More. When I am close to finishing you stop and tell me your feet are getting lonely. you put me down on the ground (full doll view) and start rubbing your feet all over me. You order me to lick your souls and kiss you toes. You then put some oil on your soles. You pinned me down on the ground with your 1 foot with my head between your big and second toe. Then with the other one you rub on me until I finish. afterwords you tell me that one of the side effects is if I come while being small I’m stuck like that forever. You tell me you’re going to enjoy having me as your little pet. You put me on the floor and start giving me a toejob...