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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:16 min
store told Whitney Morgan that the necklace she purchased was magic, and that it would make her grow while shrinking those around her. Whitney Morgan has just got home from the antique shop, and shes on the phone with her friend about it. The girl finds a man to test the necklace on via her dating app, and when he arrives she rubs the necklace on him. The man shrinks as Whitneys boobs grow and then her ass grows as she teasing the small man and makes him shrink into nothing. Whitney is happy with her big boobs and a In a phone call after coming home from the antique shop, Whitney Morgan tells her friend that she bought a magical necklace and that it will make her grow whereas those around her will shrink. Her dating app leads her to a man so she can test it out with him. The man shrinks when she rubs the necklace, while Whitneys boobs grow and her ass grows and she toys with him until he shrinks to nothing. She is happy with her big boobs and a After just getting home from the antique store, Whitney Morgan is on the phone with a friend explaining how the shop owner told her that the necklace she bought was magical, and she would grow while others around her shrank. A man...