Nikki Brooks – Tiny Medical Problem (1080-HD) vore swallowing whole

Nikki Brooks - Tiny Medical Problem (1080-HD) vore swallowing wholeTo find more videos from
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Studio:Madame Brooks Sinister Latex Studio
Length:8 minutes
her daily eating habits are and you quickly realize she might have an unhealthy eating disorder or TINIES!! You ask her to change into a robe to do a quick physical exam via webcam. Nikki returns in her white robe and proceeds to turn around, derobe and spread her ass cheeks. As soon as Nikki does this you cant believe your eyes, her asshole is filled with tinies!! Her unhealthy addiction to swallowing them whole and too many at a time has led to her not properly digesting them. You explain to her that they must be have escaped and tried to make their way out through the back end. Nikki is frantic and begins to try and shake them out, spreading and slapping her ass she can see them tumbling them out of her asshole. As upsetting as this is to Nikki she doesnt seem to have any intention on stopping. Instead she plans on simply...