Growing PAINS SFX – Ayla & Josie – HD 1080p MP4 – Bratty Foot Girls sneakers pov

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Studio:Bratty Foot Girls
Length:20 min
from her newfound towering height. Ayla, left behind, watches in awe before deciding to partake in the candys magic herself. In no time, Ayla, too, experiences a massive growth spurt, turning into a gigantic figure. The two giantesses discuss their newfound colossal stature as they peer down at the miniature city below. Josie once again feels the tingle and starts to grow even more, reaching MEGA proportions. Ayla follows suit, and the two MEGA giantesses gleefully stomp through the city, causing destruction with each step. The candys power continues to work its magic, propelling the giantesses into an even more colossal size, eventually surpassing the size of the entire planet. Now hovering over Earths hemisphere, they revel in their immense power, giggling as they consider their next nefarious actions. Josie devises a sinister plan, using her finger to obliterate a random country with a devastating atomic blast. The giantesses take sadistic pleasure in the destruction, fully aware of the millions of lives theyve erased. Ayla, not to be outdone, conjures a colossal hurricane, unleashing it across the Earths surface. ...