Introducing Jeannie! 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors boot fetish chokeout

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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:13 min
-- the black-haired girl cheering for her dark-haired friend here as Jeannie pours rear naked chokes over Charles as he kneels. Her arms shake as Jenny laughs as she pulls up on the hold, posing for pictures with Jenny. As Charles taunts her, she says shes hardly bringing in the power. She was tall, with long legs as long as columns of muscle, when she stepped through the door in her shiny black boots with Jenny Ju Jitsu -- the black-haired girl cheering on her dark-haired friend as Jeannie choked Charles on his knees as she poured on rear naked chokes. Jenny laughs from the sidelines as she pulls up the hold and poses for pictures with Jenny as he shakes in her arms. He taps his head as Jenny taunts her and says shes hardly switching on the power. With mile-long legs and muscles like columns, newest Reality Girl Jeannie arrives with her friend, Jenny Ju Jitsu, in her shiny black boots. Jeannie pours rear naked chokes on Charles while he is on his knees before her in front of her as Jenny cheers on her dark-haired friend. As Jenny laughs from the sidelines, he...